About Seadaka

Seadaka (Qingdao Seadaka Internet Technology Company Ltd.) is committed to offering a platform for global risk control experts to communicate and provide professional risk control services for foreign trade enterprises. We help foreign trade enterprises monitor risks, provide visualized risk data, and build solutions to make global trade more secure.

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Our Products

Seadaka owns three internet products: Expert Planet, GotchaFast, and TradeRight.

Expert Planet

Through one-on-one consulting with experienced global experts, you will gain exceptional and specialized insights into a particular company, market segment and other relevant business areas.

Expert Planet


Quickly check overseas business information to avoid transaction risks and verify who you are dealing with. Cover more than 85% of the world's countries and regions in terms of GDP.



Assess accounts receivable risks and monitor customers' changes. Our factoring service assists companies in turning accounts receivable into cash flow.



  • GotchaFast
  • TradeRight
  • Expert Planet

Contact Us

  • 400-862-1997
  • 26th floor, Parkson Building, Shinan District, Qingdao City

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